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Freestanding and wall ovens, dishwashers, extractor fans and fridges. We repair a range of kitchen appliances when you need them the most! You won't need to put with a faulty element any longer.

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Washing machine started making squeaking or banging noises? Your bearings could be in need of repair. Our experienced, reputable repairmen will repair your laundry appliances at a convenient time for you.

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Did you know if you aren't having yearly maintenance and servicing on your heat pump, your warranty may be void? Call our experienced heat pump repairers and get toasty warm before winter!

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Handy Hints

Helpful ways to get the best our of your appliances in between services! Find out how to get rid of static electricity buildup in your dryer and more handy hints.

Kitchen Services

Why throw away and replace when you can simply get a repair?

The professionals at Doug Robinson Appliances are experts at repairing stoves, ovens – both free standing and wall ovens, dishwashers and extractor fans.

It is often the cheaper option and it certainly is better for the environment!

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